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Who Will You Be Working With?

SWEETHEART, was named because she is an absolute doll! We have had her for 12 years and enjoyed every minute with her. She is a mare (female) and has her own opinion about things and has a lot of fun energy. She is very willing, eager to please and quite experienced.

  • Sweetheart provides Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) or Equine Assisted Psycotherapy (EAP) Psycotherapy.
  • Assists Horse Instructer for Horsebackriding Lessons

Who Will You Be Working With?

CISCO, is our very handsome, gentle and loving gelding. Cisco is very approachable and use to be a movie horse before we brought him to our Ranch. Cisco responds well to all ages and personalities and enjoys what he does!

Cisco is a member of our family and he is treated with respect and gets taken care of very well.

  • Cisco provides Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) or Equine Assisted Psycotherapy (EAP) Psycotherapy.
  • Horsebackriding Lessons


Shelby Stirling, Founder & Owner of Evergreen Equine is also an Eagala Certified Professional Equine Specialist.

She is a native to the Goleta area, and has been riding for 30 years. Shelby is a versatile rider in her youth she enjoyed barrel racing and riding her horse anywhere and everywhere she could. She has taught horseback riding lessons to both adolescents and adults and enjoys very much what she does!

Thank you for visiting this site, horses are my passion and this business is like a dream for me. I want to help people build self confidence and I believe horses are mysterious powerful creatures and it's been my personal experience that we grow from challenges.

"Your Path, Your Trail, Your Journey"


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