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Hello, my name is Shelby Stirling-Kittle and I am the owner and founder of Evergreen Equine Therapy. I am certified through the Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association (EAGALA) as the Equine Specialist Professional. I have a background in nursing and I specialize in the field of drug and alcohol addiction with an emphasis in the understanding of Eating Disorder awareness & Recovery.

My history with horses started way back in Kindergarten at age 5 when my Dad brought home a big black thoroughbred pace setter horse, named Jet. That horse would take off running with me all the time! I was so little and thought it was the best thing ever, I knew I was born to ride then.

To keep it short and sweet I swapped my jazz shoes for western riding boots with spurs, and pointed toes for belt buckles and ended up becoming a very experienced rider. I trained competitively and found PASSION FOR BARREL RACING, RODEOS and the QUARTER HORSE BREED.

In high school I returned to competitive dance and traveled and won Nationals! But with time, my focus shifted to school and work and while riding was always a passion of mine, it became increasingly therapeutic for me. I began riding just for pleasure and found that every time I was around my horses I felt that I was home.

I was pursuing a degree in Nursing when I learned that people were using horses in therapy. Once I realized I could combine my love of helping people with my passion for horses there was no turning back.

I continued my education at Career Care Institute, in Ventura CA to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse and graduated in 2011 and had gained opportunities to work at Sansum Clinic in the Gastroenterology, Ambulatory Surgical Center. I began working at Sansum Clinic in Santa Barbara, CA in 2013 after spending some time taking classes in Santa Barbara.

In 2015 My Grandmother became ill to the point of needing in home care. I left Sansum and became her full-time day nurse. She put me through nursing school and it was the best time spent before she recently passed away in April of 2019.

Evergreen Equine Therapy is born, my new baby!

We truly feel honored to have this opportunity to offer this service in our community and we look forward to meeting you.

Please contact us at 805-689-3799 for more information.Horses are very much like humans in that they are social animals. They have defined roles, they would rather be with their peers and travel in herds. Like humans, each one has their own unique personality. They sometimes get moody, at times they might seem to be stubborn. They also enjoy and like to have fun like we do! 

Horses require work, whether in caring for them or working with them. In an era where immediate gratification seems to be the norm now, horses require people to be engaged in physical & mental work to be successful, which can be a valuable characteristic in all aspects of life. 


Horseback Riding Activities

60 min.

Sessions are provided in Goleta, CA. at The Evergreen Equine Center.  They are designed on a case by case basis for each individual because everyone learns at their own pace; which is okay. Lessons are taught by 

Equine Specialist Professional & Founder of Evergreen Equine, Shelby Stirling -Kittle

Please contact us for more information

805 -689 - 3799